2019 · Genea-Musings · May · Saturday Night Genealogy Fun

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun


Please join Randy Seaver over Genea-Musings for another round of Saturday Night Genealogy Fun!

For this week’s mission (should you decide to accept it), answer the question:

1)  It’s story time – tell us how you met your spouse or significant other.  If you don’t have one, tell us about how your parents met each other.

2) Share your story on your own blog post, or in a comment on this blog post, or in a post on Facebook.

Here is our story:

My family moved in the summer of 1978 from the neighborhood where I’d spent my childhood to the country where I would spend my teenage years.  This involved a change in school districts.  Eighth grade wasn’t worth remembering (with a few exceptions). Ninth grade was my first year of high school and second in this new district. It was mid-August 1979.

I was a very shy girl. My best friend at the time (hi, Holly!) was not a bit shy and would talk to anybody.  We were walking in the courtyard of the school between the chemistry classroom and the lunchroom and I saw something that got my attention further. There were a pair of beautiful blue eyes looking across that courtyard in our direction. I was hooked. I had to get a better look at those blue eyes, but it was, well….a boy! And, I had learned my lesson about expressing affection for a boy in 8th grade. The lesson was DON’T DO IT! Like them, sure, but don’t tell anybody, most especially the boy!

Holly and I went over to the chemistry room window and she spoke to him. All I did was stare at him and giggle.  I was too scared to speak, though I knew from the moment that I saw those eyes and felt that electricity that he was the boy that was meant for me.

David was in the high school band, so was at the football games. Holly spoke to him at one of those games and asked him why he didn’t like me.  He said something totally brilliant in response to her question.  That got back to me and he got a letter littered with words that a good Church of God girl should not have even known, much less been using. I avoided him for the rest of the school year. He graduated that spring.

I will let him tell the rest of the story because it was driven further by Powers out of our hands.  Here is his side of the story.



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