web2_SuzPeeking_6654_29April11I am Suzanne Gunter McClendon. I am a Christian and have been blessed to have some very strong Christian influences over the course of my life. My grandparents were my rock and shelter over many of life’s storms. They taught me to pray good prayers for the people who hurt me, and not to pray for the hot coals to land on their heads instead, which was more in my nature to do when hurting.

I have been married to David for thirty-four years. He has been my love for thirty-seven years. We have four adult children. Our oldest son is in the US Navy.  Our youngest son was in the US Marine Corps.  Our daughters are pursuing college degrees, but are home with us for now.  We have several babies waiting for us in Heaven.

I was born in South Carolina and David in Georgia, but we have been living on the Texas Gulf Coast for the last fourteen years. Things are sure different out here!

My passion is family history. I also enjoy photography, digital art, fiber crafts such as crocheting and knitting, and am an avid reader. If reading were suddenly banned, I think my entire family would go crazy! I also write poetry and have a book of poetry published on Amazon Kindle. The title is Shattered, by Suzanne G. McClendon.

Several big changes have come into our lives. On 26 May 2016, David had the first of three strokes.  While it could have been much worse and we are thankful it wasn’t!, we are trying to adjust to this new life post-stroke.  He is determined to beat this and get back to 100%.  If anybody can do it, he can.  He is now two and a half years post-strokes!

On 12 December 2016, I was diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes. I have been blind in my left eye since very early childhood. My right eye has had to take over.  Now, it is in danger of becoming blind, too.  Since I first wrote this, I have had two ophthalmology appointments.  My vision has improved both visits.  I fully believe that Heavenly Father is healing my eyes.

In early December 2018, through Ancestry.com, I learned that the man who I grew up knowing as “Daddy” was not my biological father.  This was devastating to me.  Now, I am on the path to discover who I am biologically.  Daddy will always be my daddy, regardless of DNA, but I also want to know the identity of the man that fathered me. Among other things, this blog will chronicle my journey of discovery.

19 February 2019, David had yet another stroke, this time a “true stroke”. It was horrifying and has left him with more severe limitations than the 2016 strokes.  It seems we always have a new normal to get accustomed to. We are working toward recovery and will get there some day!

We would appreciate your prayers as we adjust to our new normal.  Thank you.

Have a blessed day!


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