2017 · International Celebrate Your Name Week

Middle Name Pride Day

This week is International Celebrate Your Name Week.   Today, March 10, is Middle Name Pride Day.  Today I am supposed to share my middle name with three people who don’t already know it.

My middle name is…..


That’s right.  I do not have a middle name.  Of course, no one at school ever believed that.  They figured that I must have had a really awful middle name and just didn’t want to share it with them.  My mother never gave me nor my little sister a middle name because she figured when we got married our maiden name would become our middle name.

I understand her logical completely. It is sound. However, it didn’t help me to avoid getting picked on over my middle name or, rather, lack thereof.

I more than made up for my lack of a middle name with our daughters. Our two surviving daughters have a first name, two middle names, and their surname, for a total of four names.

Also participating in Saturday Night Genealogy Fun!



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