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A to Z Blogging Challenge: A is for Annie

A. Annie. Big Mama. Wife and then widow of Andy. That’s my great-grandmother. She died five years before I was born, thirty-three years after her husband died. I never met her but she had a big impact on my life. She took the lead role in raising my daddy. My grandparents had an unstable marriage… Continue reading A to Z Blogging Challenge: A is for Annie

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My First Adventure With Clay

First things first, many of you already know this, but for those that don’t, I have discovered that some of my forefathers were potters. The first place that I discovered them as potters was in Edgefield, South Carolina, in the early-to-mid 1800s. They moved to the Hart County, Georgia area, where they were pioneers in… Continue reading My First Adventure With Clay

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Catherine Montgomery Calhoun

One of my favorite things to study is family history. I have always found history itself to be a fascinating subject. This week hasn’t let me down on either one. Members of my family were in this country long before the United States was officially the United States, long before it was even a British… Continue reading Catherine Montgomery Calhoun