2019 · A to Z Challenge · April

A to Z Blogging Challenge: L is for Leon



Roberts_Leon Wallis_Photograph
Leon Wallis Roberts, early 1920s

Leon Roberts was my husband’s maternal grandfather. He was born 10 July 1914 to Elias Wallis Roberts and his wife Johnnie Cooper Roberts. Leon’s mama died when he was almost eight months old. His father remarried to a lady named Maggie.

I never got to meet Grandpa Roberts. David has shared several stories with me about times that he had spent with his grandpa. One story that stands out in my mind is one in which David’s grandpa invited him to go to church with him. After a few minutes of talking to people in the church and after a song, Grandpa Roberts went up to the podium and started talking to the congregation. Little David was in panic mode thinking that the preacher was going to come in and his grandpa would be in trouble for being up there talking.

Whenever they got back from church, David told his mama that his grandpa had gotten up and preached to the people and that the real preacher did not even get up to preach. His mama’s response was “Grandpa IS the preacher.”

Leon W. Roberts was a Church of Christ preacher. We do not know if he was a circuit-riding preacher or if he was at the same church every week. It was a tiny church with folding chairs instead of pews out in the middle of nowhere.

Grandpa Roberts was married to Mary Leona Bushnell Roberts. I have always thought that it was neat that Leon married Leona. He died 10 February 1983.

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