2019 · A to Z Challenge · April

A to Z Blogging Challenge: F is for Fowler

There’s a funny bit of family trivia in most families out there. In ours, it is the fact that my paternal grandmother AND my husband’s paternal grandmother had the maiden name Fowler before they married their husbands. I have been looking for any potential connection between our grandmothers for as long as David and I have been married.

About eighteen years ago, our oldest daughter was diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome and David was diagnosed with Marfanoid Syndrome. I was never tested because, at 4 feet 10.75 inches tall, I just do not fit the long and lanky profile of a Marfan patient.

After the diagnosis, my husband and our daughter became guinea pigs for genetic research. During the course of this research, the geneticist informed David that there is a genetic link between our families.

These many years later, I have yet to document any blood connection. I have found one connection of my family to his, but it is by marriage, not by blood.

This puzzle at times seems to be very close to being solved, but at the same time more questions are coming up.

Ultimately, everyone on the planet is related via Noah, his wife, their sons, and their wives. But, it sure would be nice to find the connection that the geneticist spoke of so that we can quit wondering.

Until then, I guess we’re kissing cousins, so to speak.

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