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A to Z Blogging Challenge: A is for Annie



Big Mama.

Wife and then widow of Andy.

That’s my great-grandmother. She died five years before I was born, thirty-three years after her husband died. I never met her but she had a big impact on my life. She took the lead role in raising my daddy. My grandparents had an unstable marriage and three children, my daddy being the middle child of the surviving children. Daddy thought the world of his “Big Mama”.

Annie had a sister named Susie. It is after these two sisters that I am named “Suzanne”. I consider it an honor to be named after women that meant so very much to my daddy. These women that I never met, they mean a great deal to me because, like my own grandparents, Annie was my daddy’s shelter during the storm of his childhood.

I can’t imagine a life without Annie.

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