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We’re Related – Oh, Yes, We Are!

This week, I have a hit!  The verified relationship is with John Edwards, who was a senator from North Carolina, involved in some very unfortunate, scandalous things.  Regardless of things a person does, family is family.  According to the We’re Related app, he is my 4th cousin 1x removed.

Here is how we are connected:



William Rowland is my 3rd great-grandfather and the 4th great-grandfather of Johnny Reid Edwards, aka John Edwards.

This one was easy enough for me to get verification on.  I have obituaries and information from my Granny Gunter regarding her part of this line. So, I just had to work my way down from Grandpa Rowland to John Edwards.  Ancestry.com did not provide the name of John Edwards’ father as he is apparently still alive, so I had to go to other sources for that.  Since John is a public figure, a quick Internet search netted me a biography that included the name of his father.

Biography.com only lists his father’s first name in this article: John Edwards. Wikipedia lists his father’s middle name as well in this listing: John Edwards.  Wikipedia is typically not an approved source, and I understand that, but it at least gives me a place to start.  Until I can find information via an approved source, this works for me.

I will continue to search Newspaper.com for relevant articles pertaining to this family and attach them to my tree at Ancestry.com.

Have a blessed day!

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