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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun, Part 2


Here are the translations of the phrases listed earlier in this post.

1. Dum spiro spero: Google said it is Italian for “As long as I am alive there is hope”. Our family – Clan MacLennan- motto is Dum spiro spero “While I breathe, I hope”.

2. This one is in Irish and means “Provide all”.  The original phrase was: A tout pourvoir, French, for Provide for all.  It is the motto for Clan Oliphant.

3. The motto for Clan Logan is Hoc Marjorum Virtus, which means “This is the valour of my ancestors”.

4. Google translate says the Latin Deus Juvat means “God help”.  It is the Clan MacDuff family motto “God assists”.

5. If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance. George Bernard Shaw

Image from Pixabay.

Have a blessed night, y’all!

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