2017 · We're Related - Or, Are We?

We’re Related – Or, Are We?

We’re Related is an app connected to Ancestry.com.  It is available through iTunes and Google Play.  I learned about this app from a post on GeneaMusings.  It is a great site!

It searches through the trees on the Ancestry website to find connections between the various trees to help you find more relatives.  It shows famous potential relatives as well as your Facebook friends if they have a tree on Ancestry.com

It has not shown me any common ancestors with Facebook friends yet (apparently none of my Facebook friends have family trees on Ancestry), but it shows me at least one famous potential relative each day.

We’re Related – Or, Are We? is going to be a weekly posting sharing with you the potential relatives that Ancestry has shown me via their We’re Related app. All of these are *potential* relatives.  None of the relationships have been proven or confirmed yet.

As I am able to prove or disprove each potential relationship, I will make a post about what I find and will cross-link the posts.

Week of January 22-28, 2017


Potential Relative Common Ancestor Great-grandparent Connection
Justin Bieber John Johnson Callie James
Miley Cyrus Arabella Williamson Lula Carter
Marilyn Monroe Isabella Minor Todd J. J. Pressley
Derek Jeter Hannah Hawkins C. C. Spence
W. C. Fields Henry Sewall Callie James
Eminem John Worsham C. C. Spence
John F. Kennedy William Worsham C. C. Spence

2 thoughts on “We’re Related – Or, Are We?

    1. He is. He is one of the “potential relatives” that will be in the February 26 post once I get that one in there. I have 12 weeks of posts, seven people each, to get onto this blog. I’m way behind. 🙂
      I’ve known that Elvis was a cousin of mine since I was a kid, but proving that relationship hasn’t been so easy. At least the path that Ancestry gave me through this app will give me a place to start, and for that I am very glad!
      Have a blessed night. 🙂


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