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My Favorite Color

I have a very hard time pinning down a favorite color. My favorite color really depends on what I’m needing the color for. My absolute favorites are black, pink, and red, but I also love earth tones. Yellow, red, and orange flowers are absolutely beautiful, but so is a sweet pink rose and a long awaited bluebonnet. In my clothing, I tend to lean more towards darker and quieter colors. In furniture and household woodwork, I prefer the darker woods over the lighter woods.

I often battle depression, so black would be a good reflection of my personality. All of my pants are black. Green, however, has always been the color that looks best on me. I rarely wear it, though. I never seem to be able to find a shade of it that I like when I’ve gone shopping for clothes.

I associate three colors with three people that I love very much. These colors are associated with them forever in my mind because they are their favorite colors. Our oldest daughter loves red; our youngest son loves yellow; and our baby girl has always had a thing for purple. I grew up not being too terribly fond of yellow or purple (and orange was just downright icky to me), but my youngest two have taught me the beauty of yellow and purple. Together, they make one of my favorite flowers.

David says his favorite color is rainbow. That works!


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